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The URA has made reference to the experiences gained in the Operation Building Bright and other building rehabilitation schemes, i.e. independent consultant to provide maintenance related third party advice and the estimated cost of works, new tendering arrangement etc., to launch the 'Smart Tender' building rehabilitation facilitating services, so as to enable building owners for acquiring more information about the building rehabilitation market, and to proceed with the tendering process for the works contractor in a fair, unbiased and competitive environment. Following the revision of the average annual rateable value of domestic units in buildings joining Smart Tender, which is used for determining the fee levels, effective from 13 June 2017, and the Government has set aside $ 300 million grant commitment in the 2017-18 Budget to allow property owners to participate in the "Smart Tender" Scheme at a concession rate.
1. Eligibility Criteria
  • Multiple owned residential or composite building (residential and commercial), excluding buildings of 3 storeys or below or New Territories Exempted Houses
2. Other Requirements
  • The buildings/estates must have the Incorporated Owners (IO) formed in accordance with the provisions of the Building Management Ordinance (BMO, Cap 344) or DMC Manager appointed under the provisions of the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) at the time of application. The Applicant MUST be capable of organizing and managing the building rehabilitation works and to processing the associated documentation independently. This scheme is not applicable to the buildings with single ownership or buildings without any recognized owners’ organizations (OOs);
  • The applicant must pass the resolution of the agendas specified in section 5.5 of the Application Notes in the general meeting before submitting the application;
  • The Authorized Person (AP) / Registered Inspector (RI) for carrying out inspections and supervising the building rehabilitation works shall be procured by open tender in compliance with the relevant statutory requirements and must NOT be appointed at the time of application.
  • The Services targets to assist the applicant in one or more of the following scope of building rehabilitation works in common areas: (a) Building Structure and Safety; (b) Sanitation and Hygiene; (c) Water Seepage of Roof/ Common Areas; (d) Fire Safety.
  • The successful applicant must settle the service charge according to the Service Agreement
3. Scope of Services
  • To provide “DIY tool-kit” – It includes standard templates for the procurement of the AP / RI and Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC), recommendations and the compulsory terms and conditions, along with other relevant guidelines and points to note in organizing and managing the building rehabilitation works;
  • To arrange the Independent Professional (IP) for the successful applicant. The IP will provide professional and technical advice on building rehabilitation works in different stages, e.g. providing a cost estimate and comments on the Condition Survey Report, Tender Document, Cost Estimate and Tender Analysis Report prepared by the AP / RI.
  • To act as an agent of the successful applicant to facilitate the use of electronic tendering platform for the procurement of RGBC; and to appoint the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (or Independent Professional) for the administration and supervision of the tender opening process.
(Please refer to the Application Notes for details)

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